Jay-Z and Beyonce are at it again. The two are very open with their support of president Obama and were very invovled in helping bring attention to the importance of voting during his first election campaign. Jay-Z and wife Beyonce are throwing their support behind President Obama for re-election. The two are planning their second event in support of the president and if this event goes right they could raise which should $4,000,000 just on ticket sales.

Thejasminebrand is reporting that couple is throwing an A-List-Only campaign event at Jay’s 40/40 Club in New York. The event, that goes down on September 18th, costs $40,000 per ticket, with 100 attendees expected. What if you can’t afford a $40k ticket? Earlier the same day, Obama has a reception where families can pose for a photo with him for a $12,500 contribution.

During the first presidential election for Obama  Jay-Z showed his support by  helping increase voter participation and sending voters to polling stations. Jay performed for free in voter-drive concerts financed by the Democrats’ campaign, visited the White House During the 2010 mid-term elections’ campaign, and announced in May his endorsement of President Obama’s support of same-sex marriage for gay couples.

We just have to wait and see what else he does to show support for the upcoming elections. You can show your support by voting !!!!!!!

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