Chris Brown did his thing on the stage last night and won tons of applause from the crowd…with one big exception. While Kanye standing next to him rose to his feet, Jay-Z seemed to be not excited at all…in fact he’s taking a swig of some beverage. When you see the audience’s reaction to Chris performance  you can see everyone is standing and applauding, except for Jay-Z. Word on the street is that Hov hasn’t be a fan of Chris since the incident with Rihanna. Its crazy that we always here about Jay-Z hating on Chris but this is the first time we see it with our own eye’s…

Check out the video below:

Everybody and they momma know that Jay-Z and Rihanna are tight, could that be it? But the incident between RiRi and Chris happened years ago. Or was he just thirsty?

Could this incident have ripples in the entertainment industry? How to treat a woman beater? Hmmm, what do you think? P.S. Was RiRi their last night?

**Check the 2:47 and 4:37 marks**

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