Jay Z announced that he will perform several performances at Carnegie Hall in support of his foundation the ‘Shawn Carter Foundation’ and the ‘United Way of New York City.’ The performances will be held on February 6th and 7th at NYC’s infamous Carnegie Hall. The “Change Clothes” rapper says,

“It’s every artists dream to play a venue as legendary as Carnegie Hall. The fact that I can use the arts and my talent to benefit the education of the next generation of artists, entrepreneurs, and great thinkers makes for a legendary night. I’m proud to be a part of the continuing work of United Way of New York City and expanding the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation.”

Jay-Z at the Shawn Carter Press Conference Below


Tickets will go on sale exclusively on December 12th and sold publicly January 30th with limited availability. Big Up’s to Jay for doing something for charity after the controversary with his ‘Occupy All Streets’ political t-shirts receiving so much back lash.


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