Jay-Z is powering up his high wattage portfolio with a new business venture.


The rapper is teaming up with battery maker Duracell and Powermat to launch what they’re calling a Wireless Power Nation.


It’s essentially a wireless charging system that allows users to power up their phones, or other wireless devices, simply by placing them on Powermat-equipped charging stations.


Plans call for these charging stations to be installed on tables and bars in coffee shops, restaurants, clubs, gyms and other public venues.

There will even be a Google app that will share locations of nearby Powermat hot spots.

Jay-Z currently has the service available in his 40/40 Club hot spot in New York City. In a statement the rapper said he was partnering with Duracell Powermat because, “they’re providing the solutions for the future.” Duracell and GM has already used the charging technology on the Chevy Volt. Mashable says Energizer also has a similar system that works with the Qi wireless charge.

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