Jennifer Hudson, Sister Testify At Triple Murder Trial

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Testimony in the trial for the man accused of killing members of Jennifer Hudson’s family is expected to resume this morning in Chicago. The first day of William Balfour’s trial began with Hudson who, as the prosecution’s star witness, was the first to take the stand. The Oscar winning actress and singer delivered emotional testimony while recalling the last time she saw her family before they were murdered in October 2008.
Hudson also told the court that no one in the family wanted her sister Julia to marry the man at the center of the trial.


Prosecutors say Balfour killed Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and seven-year-old nephew in October 2008 after flying into a jealous rage over his estranged wife’s alleged relationship with another man.


Balfour has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Jennifer’s sister Julia also testified on Monday.

According to CBS Chicago, Julia told the court that her estranged husband called her while police were investigating the crime scene and told her that a friend named “Brittany” told him about the murders.
Julia reportedly testified that when police asked her if she knew who could have committed the crime, she told them Balfour. Under cross examination by the defense, she admitted that her brother had sold drugs and had an illegal gun at the home. She says she never saw her husband with a gun.

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