Jennifer Lopez Performs At Meydan, Dubai

Jennifer Lopez adorns a mic and live vocals over in Dubai, for their World Cup. Checkout the visuals below.

I’ll let you be the judge on how she did.

The American Idol judge closed out the Dubai World Cup on March 29 to a full house of cheering fans. Thousands assembled in the balconies and on the ground to watch, but most of us at the back — especially those of us who are under 160cm tall — couldn’t see anything of the low stage, even on tip-toes.

But nonetheless, Lopez and her live band — two drummers, two guitarists and a keyboardist — made a big impression. Just after 11pm, she burst onto the stage — clad in denim hotpants, silver frills and a chopped-up top to match — singing a snippet of Same Girl as photos from her early years played on screen behind her. But she didn’t tease, giving the crowd exactly what they wanted off the bat — her magnum opus, Jenny from the Block. [Read More]

I dunno. Jenny from the Block seems, to me, to be as hyped at ketchup. Beautiful YES. Talented……um…..But that’s just my personal opinion.

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