There have been several rumors earlier this year that hip hop producer Jermaine Dupri was going broke.  TMZ recently reported that his Lamborghini was repossessed and that the people who gave him the money to cash out on the luxary car wanted their money back.  They claim that the homie owes them $80,000 for the car.  

Premier Financial Services filed new legal documents in Georgia Superior Court saying that Dupri agreed to make 58 monthly payments of $4, 323.  Sources claim that he fell short on paymnets and as a result the car was repossessed and sold for $115, 000 and the company decided to sue him for the loss wages that weren’t paid. Well, Jermaine took to twitter saying

“I wake up to  everybody saying im being sued for something I know nothing about, but by the way Im always being sued.”

We hope JD gets that situation taken care of afterall, he said it himself “Money Ain’t A Thing”. What ya’ll think?


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