A few days ago “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” star Joseline Hernandez tweeted that her new website, msjoseline.com, had launched. Although the site is still under construction  she offered her fans her new song , “Bailar” for download.

Bailar is the Spanish verb for “To Dance.”


Hernandez was a special guest at Apache Cafe for “It’s SHOWtime $200 Open Mic,” hosted by Ms. Dia (WRFG 89.3FM) with DJ Grandman (July 19, 2012).


Ms. Joseline performed her newly released reggaeton single, “Bailar” with Fly DanToni  as VH1 was taped footage for the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion.

Check out her performance below…

In a recent interview Stevie J said he might have made a few mistakes,  but he doesn’t feel Joseline aborting their child was wrong. According to the “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star and producer, Hernandez “was not ready” to have a baby.

“I just felt that she wasn’t ready financially; she’s working on her career,” says Stevie J. “So I just gave an option. I’m definitely not God, so at the end of the day, I just gave a suggestion.”

Earlier this season we saw Stevie J dropping Joseline off at a clinic where she aborted their child. She later discussed the abortion with Stevie, asking him if he truly ever loved her. According to Stevie the decision to terminate the pregnancy was Joseline’s to make. He only made her aware that it was an option.

“Let me just say, I’m pro-life, I have children,” he clarified with MTV this week. “But at the time, I just gave her an option.”

My sources say that Joseline and Stevie are planning a wedding for the second season of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.”


Following rumors that she and her producer/manager are engaged, the “Bailar (Dance)” singer says there is so much to do in a short frame of time.


“Well I guess it’s official. F**k it I’m with it,”


Sources report Joseline said alluding to questions from fans and numerous blogs noting pictures of an alleged engagement ring and sources claiming she is marrying Stevie J.

While those words weren’t necessarily a complete confirmation, Joseline went on to say “Ms. Joseline loves Stevie J forever” before claiming she has to find a place for the big day. Tweeting:

“Where would it take place at ???? So much in 6 months. In (I’m) the luckiest girl !!”

My sources have confirmed that they are coming back for a second season, and that a wedding might just take place. Would that keep yall watching ?


Of course all of the above is rumors from the streets of ATL’s inner circle, but one thing is a fact. Joseline believes she has the power.


“I’m the luckiest girl,” Joseline told fans on Twitter. “The power of Ms. Joseline.”

Someone asked why six months ?

My sources have revealed that the cast is set to start back taping in January, (thats almost 6) and that the cast will have major changes. Producers have even started already re-casting looking for new cast members  to add. Wait till yall find out who they have in mind… Drama Drama Drama …

Mona Scott-Young the producer behind “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta”  is making it very clear that the show is not scripted. But, to completely deny that the show is fully reality is just scary! Scott and main character, Stevie J., appeared on MTV’s “Rap Fix Live” to address “L&HHATL” rumors.


“We don’t feed you information. It’s not scripted,” said Mona.”That’s the most ridiculous thing that I hear all the time. There are like 40-something people on set. Do you think I can get them all to keep the secret? What do they do with script afterwards, eat it? This is their lives!”


Stevie J. nonchalantly mentioned the heartache he caused his baby mother Mimi after she found out his mistress/ artist was pregnant. “I should’ve brought it to her attention a little sooner. It happens,” he said.

Do you think these two are really getting married ? “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. on VH1. Listen to the track .

For more on Joseline Hernandez, visit MsJoseline.com   —   Source Examiner.


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