Joseline Hernandez has become a superstar since the hit show “Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta” and now everywhere she goes people want either and autograph or to take a picture. Well apparently a fan saw Joseline and Stevie J. in the Airport in Atlanta and couldn’t help asking to take a pic with the star, even though Joseline was trying to enjoy a meal. Joseline denied taking a photo, due to the fact that she was eating, and a twitter fight ensued shortly after. As soon as the fan walked away they began making comments about Joseline and Stevie J. and how rude they were which caused Joseline to respond. Read more to see the response.

This is what iamnotacelebrityasskisser reported about the incident :

“A fan of the reality star spotted her sitting in an airport in Atlanta with her co-star and on/off boyfriend Stevie J, when she approached to couple to ask for a photograph. It seems the fan caught Joseline off guard because she wasn’t photo-ready and refused to take the picture.

The fan wasted no time in taking to her Twitter to reveal details of the incident, writing:

“Boy i didn’t know @MsJoseline was so mean & @hitmansteviej was a sidekick …”

“@MsJoseline & @hitmansteviej sittin in Atl Airport been rude ….i thought they was better then that ….smh.”

Upon seeing the tweet, Joseline replied:

“Bi**h stop Stocking.”

“N yes bi**h I spell how I talk so F**k yall n I’m a paid bi**h n I do not ow nobody s**t.”

“If I’m eating nope I ain’t Gona stop n take a pic. Forget bout it. Can a bi**h eat???”

“S**t I’m glad I got over the Trying to please everybody.”

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