So tonight is the season finale of Saturday Night Live and former boy band star, turned unofficial comedian Justin Timberlake is going to be hosting. Justin has clearly ditched his boy band persona and found himself a new gig as an unofficial cast member on SNL. Now unlike some people, Justin has actually been quite hillarious on SNL. Now think about it what other male can dress up as the Queen Bey herself and pull off single ladies and have over 15 million viewers laughing with him and not at him..? If any other male tried that you already know they would be considered suspect. Oh, but wait don’t forget the musical guest for the night is Lady Gaga, and you never know what piece of meat, cartoon character or dairy product she will incubate in pre-performance. And there was definitley no shortage of entertainment gossip and scandal this week, so this should make for a quite comedic show.

Check out J.T’s previous SNL parodies and make sure you tune in to tonights SNL Finale.

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