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K. Michelle sits down and explains how she no longer wants to beef with Tamar Braxton! She recognizes that it has came to the end and is ready to move on.

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R&B songstress K. Michelle recently talked with NecoleBitchie.com about her very well-known issues with fellow R&B vocalist, Tamar Braxton, and how she doesn’t “want to do this no more.” For months, the pair have hurled insults back and forth at each for months!

K. Michelle recognizes that it has come time to end the feud and in the interview, she gave some background on where it all began:

When I was going through the situation on Love & Hip Hop with the Toya thing and all of that type thing, she hopped in it like everyone else did. She hopped in it and basically tweeted I was lying. And I said, ‘I like Toni better anyway.’ That’s just me. And it continued. But from now on, it’s so funny how I’m the ‘bully,’ but if you, Necole, look at every fight, I never started it with her. I finished it. That I did.

She goes on to express how she truly does not “want to fight with her” and she just wants the both of them to sing.

Check out the interview below:

We sincerely hope these ladies can put down their verbal weapons to coexist peacefully and focus on making music sooner than later!

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