My home girl Kandi Burrus dropped by Bethenny to discuss RHOA Reunion Drama involving Porsha vs. Kenya, and Mama Joyce’s true feelings about the homie Todd.

Kandi goes in and talks about it all.

Check it out below.

My girl Kandi Burrus dropped by the Bethenny’s and talked about where the talk show host quickly asked about the homie Porsha. Kandi has been an open supporter of Porsha. She has this to say,

If your going to let someone go, it shouldn’t be because of that. There have been other times where violence was had—it’s been other things that have happened that people didn’t get fired for so I don’t think it was fair to do that to her. I feel like everybody on our cast was great this year, as far as the storyline. I want to see everyone go to the next season, even Kenya [Moore]. I personally, but I don’t know how everyone else feels.


When it comes to her hubby and her mama things still appear the same. Kandi discuss candidly that Mama Joyce is still unsure about the homie Todd. Kandi says,

She’s still not giving him any credit. I’m still trying to figure it out myself. I think at this point, she went so hard, she doesn’t want to be wrong. So maybe she’s just sticking with it.

It was a great interview. Check out the full videos on Bethenny.

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