Kanye West would have been the HIGHEST paid entertainer to perform in Las Vegas! However, Yeezy chose to turn down what is considered one of the best offers an artist can receive.

Check out the details below!

It’s no secret in the world of entertainment that Kanye West has a big…ego. Most of us expect to be shocked by him on a pretty regular basis. Whether it be what he wears, what he does, or what he says, we can always count on Kanye to hit us with the shock factor.

Now, Mr. West has pulled a boss move like no boss move he’s ever pulled before. The rapper has turned down a $4.5 million offer from The Axis at Planet Hollywood that would have made him the highest paid performer in Las Vegas! Kanye would have only had to perform 3 shows a week for 3 weeks as a part of the deal.

Apparently, no one can say for sure why Kanye turned down such an incredibly lucrative offer. Our guess is he’s more interested in family time these days. QT with Kim K and baby North West seems to be the only thing on his mind…and we can’t knock that!

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