(11/6/2010) Mediatakeout reported she is a citizen of Venezuela and never received her permanent residency for the United States.
Sometime ago, she got into trouble with the law, once for prostitution and another time, she did some time for carrying a concealed weapon. Under a new US law, if you are not a citizen and you commit a crime on US soil you can get deported. How much you bet this chick with nine lives will still be here! She has a weapon of mass destruction “her cell phone” and she will be placed on the no fly list.
Last night she tweeted: “Smh as soon they saw my foreign passport they started f**king with me. The police already cleared me but still messing with me,”
“This is why I hate white people, snitching racist b**ches. The black securities are cool but this white mothaf**kers in here f**king with me. I’m getting arrested have fun without me.”
-Another post by: www.twitter.com/IamCourtneyLuv

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