Earlier this week Faizon Love told TMZ that he feared for his life when Katt Williams pulled a gun out on him in the parking lot of a Los Angeles nightclub. TMZ caught up with Katt Williams where he shared his feelings about Faizon and the allegations.

Although Katt has a look of surprise on his face he never calls Faizon a liar nor does he say allegations are untrue. He does however say that Faizon is a snitch and goes on to call him a “bald-faced rat.” Katt does admit that what happened between he and Faizon was “street business” so I guess if there was any validation that what happened was true, this would be the story straight from the horse’s mouth.


Williams, who is currently filming Scary Movie 5, was unaware that the altercation he and Faizon had earlier this week actually made it to the blogs. He says that he and Faizon got into an altercation, Faizon said some things then he called the police. Williams admits he was taken in to the station and soon after released. He does say that there is no way he could have beat up a 400 pound Faizon as he is only 140 lbs himself.


Seems like Faizon may have broke the G-code. Watch the interview below.

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