How many of you all thought this beautiful young lady was incapable of handling the brutal pressures of the music industry after her suicide scare? Be honest. Well, despite anyone’s doubts, Kehlani has proved herself to herself time and time again.This is why I’m ecstatic to report she is back on the grind. We are all always ready for new music, correct? Well, the lovely Kehlani, has just dropped her new single called: 24:07. I hope this means a new album isn’t too far behind!


Kehlani has taken, and is still taking, the necessary time to work on herself and the art in which she uses to touch people’s souls, which is her music of course. I call it, “Perfecting your craft.”  We all have crafts that we are working diligently on and this young lady is the prime example of a work in progress and a masterpiece simultaneously, which she always reminds us of.


Based on her last album, which was originally labeled as a mixtape, I’m personally expecting nothing less than greatness on this single. Let’s not forget that this is a grammy nominated artist who is humble beyond measure. Her persistence and uplifting spirit has helped many people overcome their personal daily struggles including myself. Does Kehlani relate or resonate with you in anyway?

Congrats Kehlani and we cannot wait for new music!

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