PHOTOS : KeKe Wyatt Host ‘R&B Divas’ Private Premier Party At Bar 1 – KeKE Defends Husband Over Homophobic scene

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Last night, I had the opportunity to kick it with “R&B Divas” star KeKe Wyatt and her husband Michael, as they watched the show for the first time. The event took place at Real House Wives of Atlanta Star Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas, restaurant / Lounge Bar 1, P.S. the food was great!!!!   I love me some Miss Wyatt, who is about to releases a new single with Avont very soon. (P.S. S. The photo above is of KeKe and her husband the one she’s lickin’ and her brother) LOL Now back to the story…

In the first episode, one of the more shocking storylines was that KeKe and her husband’s reaction to Monifah’s girlfriend. Contrary to last night’s episode, Keke nor her husband are not homophobic. In fact, Keke’s husband wants us to know that he’s not homophobic at all, was just a bit surprised.

KeKe explained:

“For the record my hubby is not homophobic honeeeey!!,” Wyatt said despite his reaction to the relationship between the two women. “It’s a show… We Love my Sis Monifah and our Terez!!!!”

What was more shocking is that fact that Keke has 3 real life gay brothers who he and she support a lot.

Sources report on the show, Michael, her husband, was shocked and claimed he didn’t “support” their union. He also questioned how he was supposed to act “normal” with them at the baby shower.

Nonetheless, the “R&B Divas” season premiere was a great production with less over the top drama than similar series. Scenes were mature, had a message and seemed very much real with each R&B Diva telling their story. I have to say I really like the show…

“R&B Divas” airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. on TV One.

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keke-wyatt-defends-husband-over-homophobic DSC_0543
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4 Comments to “PHOTOS : KeKe Wyatt Host ‘R&B Divas’ Private Premier Party At Bar 1 – KeKE Defends Husband Over Homophobic scene”

  1. dee says:

    I did enjoy the show last night. I just can’t take Keke and her Husband. I hate to say it but with her trust issues and them being together alllllllllll the time is going to eventually drive him crazy and he will leave her. Nobody wants to constantly be accused of things they didn’t do and who wants to be smothered up under anyone 24/7 365. Like he should have a few friends to hang out with. I could understand if she said his friends have to be married. And he thinks its cool that he is bearing the weight of her past but its not cool. She needs to get over it. I am with her tho cuz I do not trust people but mostly men. That is why I don’t even understand why she is married.

  2. yodidreambody says:


  3. Yolo says:

    I thought KeKe was going to be my favorite, but she is so damn chilish and crazy. I was like Wow She should just sing and never show her personality. And the husband acts like a big dufus kid also. Yuck! I’ll keep watching 4 the other ladies though but Keke and her husband can go

  4. Melody says:

    Ke Ke Wyatt is out her tree!! Nicci Gilbert is super bossy, but she handles hers! I like Faith. I like Monifah. Syleena Johnson seems a little insecure to me. She seems fabulous but not comfy in her own skin to me. I could be way off. On the gay thing – Lord knows I am tired of people being labeled ‘homophobic’ just because they don’t agree with something. Not agreeing w/ something does not equate with fear. Take Monifah & her precious daughter for example. She, like me, agrees that the Bible says being gay is a no no. That does not mean I don’t love gay people. I just don’t agree with the lifestyle. AND? I love how Monifah and her daughter choose to love each other & agree to disagree. Thats maturity on both sides. Again, I like Faith and I like Monifah. The other ones are ok. There is no way Ke Ke should keep her husband under her thumb like that. Ridiculous.

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