Kelly Rowland denies hat she liked an Instagram comment that criticized Ciara’s controversial maternity shoot.

Hours after Cici’s maternity images went viral, a screen grab began circulating, showing that Kelly had liked a comment that read,

This is not a cute pic … sorry … it’s no different than the one with the chick and her little boy … why must everyone prove a point by being your bday suit…

Kelly has responded, shooting down reports that she liked the photo.

Kelly also refers to Ciara as a ‘dear friend’ and states that she has nothing but love for Ciara. She writes:

This pic of my dear friend and her beautiful family makes my heart smile, I can’t believe
how anyone would actually think I would “like” a negative comment about a woman I look at as a great Mom, awesome wife, and
A sweetheart of a friend! Accidents do happen, and this new “?/like feature is WHACK.

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