Rapper Kendrick Lamar returned to #SNL this past weekend where he performed two of hits and was apart of one of the sketches!

Check out the details below!

This weekend, rapper Kendrick Lamar made a triumphant return to the set of “Saturday Night Live” where he performed “i” and “Pay For It” with Jay Rock. The show was hosted by first-timer Woody Harrelson, who’s show opening monologue featured his homage to Taylor Swift’s “1989” album.

Lamar not only performed his songs but appeared in a sketch where he performed a duet with Taran Killam as Barry Manilow and in the “Young Tarts & Old Farts” sketch which was a fake ad for a compilation cover album in the spirit of Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga between young and established artists (i.e. Ariana Grande and Lionel Richie and Aretha Franklin and Robyn). I cracked up at the thought (and sight) of Manilow and Lamar performing together! Also featured in the sketch were Sasheer Zamata as Diana Ross and Kenan Thompson as B.B King.

Check out a clip of Kendrick Lamar’s performance on #SNL

I can always appreciate it when artists are comfortable enough with themselves to relax and show a different side of them on the show! I hope he gets to appear on the show again!

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