Today I found out that Kenya Moore of Real Housewives of Atlanta fame, is working on some big things. The Detroit-native is not only returning to Real Housewives of Atlanta but is starting drama on Celebrity Apprentice.

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In an interview with JET, Kenya shares that she’s working on a new show and it’s not reality TV.

The first is a TV pilot I’m producing called Life Twirls On….It’s scripted. I ‘m a producer, I’m an actor, I’m a writer. Last season of RHOA, I got a little off my normal course and they didn’t show anything I do in my day-to-day life. So I wanted to focus on getting back to who I am and what I do best. The TV show is a half-hour comedy loosely based on my life. It’s funny, it shows me in a situation where I have two sisters. We move in together to try and resolve our differences–we’re all at different crossroads in our lives. It’s very exciting. I’m getting a lot of positive feedback.

In addition to TV, Kenya’s interest still lies in music. With the success of ‘Gone With the Wind Fabulous’, she’s prepping for another track.

The season seven premiere of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” was the highest-rated premiere in network history with more than 3.8 million total viewers. With all of the drama-laden snippets and teasers coming from cast members, old and new, the ever-popular reality show is on par for continued success and will inevitably keep fans drooling for more from episode to episode.

Kenya Moore, who has survived three seasons of the hit Bravo show, appeared on New York’s Pix 11 Morning News Tuesday to dish on not only the “RHOA” drama, but to also provide the scoop on her other brand-building efforts.

“It’s an amazing platform,” she said about the series. “One of the reasons I wanted to join the show is to build my brand,” shared Kenya who took the opportunity to promote her new hair care line, Moore Hair. Guaranteeing that her product would yield longer and stronger hair for users, she further explained, “My grandmother always told me hair is your crowning glory. Hair that’s worthy of a crown; you can find that in Moore Hair.”

Regarding her decision to return to the show, after being physically attacked by a co-star during the season 6 reunion, Kenya said it wasn’t an easy decision.

“I had to really weigh the options; is this worth it? I went through a terrible time after the reunion, and I had to just reevaluate the situation.” 

After the reunion show ended in an all-and-out brawl between Kenya and show rival Porsha Williams, Kenya apparently went through a period of embarrassment, which led her to question whether or not she would return to the show.
“I asked myself a lot of questions. I had a lot of questions and conversations with the production company, with Bravo, and we got to a really good place; and that’s why I’m back.”
In terms of a new love, co-anchor Sukanya Krishnan asked Kenya to elaborate on whether or not she had someone special in her life. “There is someone, [but] you have to watch. I am very happy. No ring yet, [but] we’ll see,” said Kenya who’s been accused of fabricating nonexistent relationships for the sake of the show.

This season is primed to reveal the details surrounding the ending of “RHOA” cast member, Phaedra Parks’ marriage as a result of her husband Apollo Nida’s recent federal prison sentence. When asked to respond Kenya opted to keep her opinions to herself.

“I think I kinda learned my lesson a little bit; I try to stay out of that relationship. 

She went on to add that she finds it tough to watch concerning the impact that this situation could inevitably have on the couple’s two small children. Fans who tuned in to the premiere watched Phaedra and Apollo discuss divorce and reveal private info that should arguably remain between a husband and wife. As far as a potential reconciliation of her friendship with Phaedra, Kenya is optimistic. “We started out as friends and I hope, one day, we’ll get back to that point.”

I know we’ll be tuned in.  Do you plan to watch Kenya on RHOA or on her new scripted show?  Leave your comments below.

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