Ms. Hilson is taking some serious flak from Amy Winehouse fans on Twitter after she tweeted a pic of a women she thought looked like Winehouse.


Fans quickly jumped on Hilson and berated her post:


You performed in a wal mart parking lot, Amy went out like a beat b¡&!$ should #AmyisStillWinning

Is it supposed to be funny? Not laughing…

Wow don’t think that’s appropriate or cool…Think about her family, friends n fans…Show a lil respect R.I.P. Amy

Smh….. ::Prays for you::

Too soon b%$!& smh

A little insensitive don’t you think? #WayTooSoon


Keri quickly apologized and responded to fans throughout the night:


And today tweeted:

Damn, was Keri wrong for that one?

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