Kevin Hart and Ice Cube are currently in Australia to promote their new comedy Ride Along 2, and today they were faced with a little welcoming present on Australia’s Today Show. In a video clip from the show, Kevin Hart can be seen in a hilarious fearful introduction to an Aussie Python. The moment Kevin laid eyes on the first reptile he totally freaked out. He went as far as saying he had a little bit of gas, from being so nervous. Kevin told Ice Cube “Cube, don’t touch that with that jacket on,” Cube had on a leather jacket. From a distance he continued by saying “You’ve got his cousin on your back; this ain’t going to be good man!”



This was definitely a hilarious moment as they were then introduced to a second bigger snake, one of the host said “welcome to Straya boys” lol. Ice Cube, on the other hand wasn’t so moved by the slithery reptiles as he can be seen holding one of the snakes and touching the other one.


Unapologetically funny, Kevin couldn’t help but turn this scary realistic moment into a hilarious one…another one for the books. I’m sure we will be hearing about this moment in his life in a future standup. You can see the full video clip by clicking the link below.

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