Keyshia Cole is swinging back into action and hard! The starlet sat down with Billboard recently and gave them the inside scoop about her new plans. She gushed to Billboard about her new album saying, “I just kind of lay out all my emotions then we start from there. I usually work with big name producers and stuff like once all from my heart and soul is out that I need to get out”.  I’m sure she has a lot in her heart and soul to get out too that may pertain to her husband, Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, who she wed in May. Seems like Keyshia’s following the Hollywood trend to get married first and then have a lavish wedding reception later. Don’t worry though, you’ll get to see her wedding because she’s also going to have a new reality tv show called Family First. The show will consist of six episodes that will follow Keyshia as she works on her new album. On the juicer side of things, she talked about parting ways with her manager Manny Halley and teaming up with Kevin Liles instead. She kept things clean and just nicely said, “I think me and Kevin connect spiritually and that means a lot to me as well”. Interesting to say the least. Welp it looks like Keyshia’s got her work cut out for her and she’s ready to take on the industry again. Are you excited for a new album from her? What about the reality tv show? Do you foresee any crazy family drama?

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