The rapper Kid Ink didn’t have to pay too much to make his latest issue with the law go away! Apparently, the Los Angeles native struck up a great deal and paid practically NOTHING to have the case dropped!

Check out the details below!

Rapper Kid Ink is officially one lucky son of a gun! Thanks to a deal he struck with prosecutors, he was allowed to pay a very cheap fee to drop the case! The LA artist paid a total of $120 to make everything disappear.

If you remember, back in August Kid Ink and a female friend got into a little scuffle with the security guards at 1OAK Nightclub in Las Vegas. The police were called and the two were charged with disturbing the peace. However, what are little legal troubles when they can be paid off for little to nothing?

Although, $120 is considered a lot to some, this was mere chump change for the rapper! Think about it! That fee wasn’t enough to even pay for bottle service at a club! Hopefully, small fees like these won’t make him act up all the time.

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