Khloe is living up to her word to embrace her sister Kim. True to her word, she did with Kim’s bachelorette party where guest sipped out of brown penis straws and she even had a few male strippers get completely nude!


Her soon-to-be hubby Kris partied it up in Las Vegas to with noteworthy NBA players, and of course, her sister’s man. The surprise of the night for Kris came when Kim crashed his party at 2 am.


Judging by the pics, it looks like guests like LaLa enjoyed the penis straw. All guests at the party wore red light-up rings on their fingers.

Kris Humphries celebrated his bachelor party at club Lavo. He got his drink on all night too while singing along with the dj. The parties are alleged to continue on today. Sounds like a ton of fun! What do you think of the bachelorette/bachelor parties? Check out more pics below!


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