Kim Kardashian May Still Be Married To Kris Humphries When Baby Born

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Kim Kardashian is still married to Kris Humphries, though she has no plans just yet to marry now boyfriend and baby daddy Kanye West she is frustrated at her position. Kim may be realistically having a baby with one man and married to another. Details inside of current divorce battle.


TMZ reports that sources close to Kim say she isn’t feeling pressured to marry Kanye but does not want to be still legally married to Humphries when she gives birth. Kim feels as though he is being ‘spiteful and vindictive’ in dragging out the divorce. The divorce battle has been dragged out now over a year and a half. The issues Humphries is fighting is fraud in the marriage and there is still no evidence presented.


People close to Humphries are suggesting he settle and walk away from the marriage. Kim even believes that his legal challenge is so inappropriate that she wants him to take care of her lawyer bills. If nothing is settled now a trail date will be set for next month. Kim’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, says trial will most likely take only 1 day.

2 Comments to “Kim Kardashian May Still Be Married To Kris Humphries When Baby Born”

  1. Guap says:

    Inappropriate?! Kim, nobody told you to go hop on someone else’s dxck while you’re still legally married- YOU are stupid in that alone. Don’t hold your breath for sympathy.

  2. [...] reports that Kris has demanded she pay $7 million to walk away from the marriage but Kim wants no part of that. Kim has never [...]

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