Kim Kardashian Wants Kris Humphries To Pay Her

Contributing Writer Jan 25 13 2 Comments

Kim Kardashian is refusing to pay Kris Humphries and wants him to pay all of her attorney’s fees.

TMZ reports that Kris has demanded she pay $7 million to walk away from the marriage but Kim wants no part of that. Kim has never offered a dime to settle their divorce case. Kim believes that Kris has made money by marrying her and she does not owe him any money at all to divorce. Kim does feel as though this is being dragged on and he should pay all of her legal fees and expenses.


Sources say Kim’s fees are around $250,000. She is convinced that she will win so she has no problem going in front of a judge to prove her case.

2 Comments to “Kim Kardashian Wants Kris Humphries To Pay Her”

  1. OHMY says:

    I belive Kim should pay Kris.. She knew she wasnt ready to marry him so she should have open up her cock sucker and said something to him.. I do believe Kris was in love with Kim but Kim was indecisive and finally told him that he wasnt going to work after she married him..She is big dumby and she should pay him.

  2. anony-mousie says:

    Make her pay, Kris! Does anyone else find it kinda strange that Kim’s mom & Kim’s hubby have the same 1st name??

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