sister2sistermagkimKimberly Smedley was the talk of 2012 when she was faced a 3 year sentence for pleading guilty to performing illegal butt shots on the black market in seedy hotel rooms in several states. Several celebrities (including local Atlanta ones too) apparently were patients of the Butt Shot Queen. Her new book “Backside of the Story” is raising eyebrows across the nation as many are wondering if Smedley’s book (available on Amazon) includes personal info regarding their backside. Recently we did spot Kim in Atlanta with Nicci Gilbert. Hmmm it looks like they werewell, I can’t tell if Nicci was sizing up Kim’s Backside of the Story or what? Yall so messy! This tuesday 10/9 Smedley will host a media “sip and blab SHOP” in Atlanta to tell reporters what they want to know and sell her book of course. All media is invited to join “Kim Smedley” at 1pm . Maybe Kim was giving Nicci her invite to the media brunchniccigilbert-kimKim Smedley will have cocktails and “tea” and not the kind of tea that’s poured from a kettle. Sister to Sister magazine of course was able to get the exclusive. That Jamie Foster Brown always knows how to get these folks to “spill the beans”. Such a well rounded journalist that Jamie is. Oops no punt intended. Back up. Paparazzi cameras did catch Kim Smedley out in the park with Nicci Gilbert, you did read that correct above. (Hmmmm)what do you think they were talking about? Well you can ask Kimberly yourself on Tuesday at Paparazzi in the Perimeter Mall (next to Victoria’s secret) from 1-3 and she will be there with the scoop.

gifnoneofbusinessWe hope! But maybe I should take the Kermit the Frog approach on this one. Do I want to know who’s butt is fake and who’s not? I may never be able to look at some of my bookcoverfavorite people the same again. Again…None of my business. But then again I am a blogger. It’s my duty to find out who was inflating those booties and why?? Why are women so obsessed and begging Kimberly Smedley for butt injections? Why was she willing to perform the procedures and risk going to prison? Who told? Who died? Who’s got butt shots in the ATL? I have so many questions? Ok, Was it any Love and Hip Hop Stars? Rappers? Smedley I need you to call me. I’m not Kermit and I must know 1st, well 2nd. Hey maybe Jamie Brown will give me a little info. Hey maybe I should just go and pick up the September Issue of Sister to Sister Magazine since the full story in in there.

SmedleyBUTTPress release: Kim Smedley The Story rsvp for media inquiry

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