You know people always joke that Plies and Kirk Franklin are the same person, alter-egos, or they definitely share at least one parent, and are long lost brothers because they look so much alike. Remember when Kirk said he’d go to the strip club with Plies if Plies agreed to go to church with him. 

Anyway The legendary gospel singer does not play about threats against his family. Some troll thought it was a good idea to threaten his daughter, and Kirk Franklin tapped into his Plies bag and let the guy know that he can play with it if he wants to.

Franklin threatened to show the troll how serious he is by letting him know he can catch this gun fade easily, all in the name of Jesus. The Twitter spat started when Franklin posted about Donald Trump’s Muslim ban.

“I am a Christian who would rather sit at the table with a Muslim brother than ban him from a home that wasn’t originally mine…,” tweeted Franklin.

The troll responded saying,

“I trust u’ll be leaving ur doors unlocked tonight. Oh & ur brothers want to know if u have a daughter,” tweeted @historycarper.

Kirk had time as he responded with,

“Yes I have a daughter and the ability to protect her. Please come so I can have a reason to introduce you to it in Jesus name.”

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