too-short-mug-shot-2013Too Short is reportedly one step closer to getting his drug charges dropped. Law enforcement sources say that the Los Angeles County District Attorney has decided not to prosecute the rapper for felony drug possession.
Short was originally slapped with the charge after police found a small amount of drugs in the back of the cop cruiser he was being transported in last Wednesday following a DUI arrest and failed flee attempt. The County D.A. felt the amount of drugs was too small to move forward with the case, especially given the fact that Too Short — a.k.a. Todd Anthony Shaw — has no felony record.

However, the D.A. has sent the case to the Los Angeles City Attorney for misdemeanor review, where it will likely be looked at sometime in the next week or so. Meanwhile, Short continues to insist that the drugs weren’t his. He says it likely belonged to someone who had been transported in the cop car before him.

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