Tina Knowles Ebony CoverMove over Queen B, Mama Tina is showing us where Beyonce got it from!  With style, grace, and an over dose of elegance, newly married Tina Knowles Lawson is on the cover of July’s Ebony magazine with a golden crown.  At 61 years old, the grandmother of two (Daniel Julez Smith, Jr. and Blue Ivy Carter) gives new meaning to Nene Leakes term “Glam’ Ma”.  Check out more pictures from the issue below.

Tina Knowles Ebony Cover 3The mother of pop stars Beyonce and Solange had a few reservations about the shoot, saying

“I had some reservations [about the shoot], but as I thought of all the women who tell me daily that I have inspired them to live a wholehearted life, which includes your sexuality. I am proud to be 61 years old and to not be putting limitations on my lifestyle. We can still be sexy and vibrant, fashionable, classy and fly until the day we die

Tina Knowles Ebony Cover 2

Queen Bey’s mother also give readers a glimpse inside her upbringing…

The last of seven siblings, each of whom has one of four variations of the same last name Boyance (“The hospital told my mama be happy we even got birth certificates.”) “Tenie B,” her nickname since childhood, shares that she was mistreated by Black nuns in elementary school, took off solo to California at 18, and by 34, with little ones in tow, opened one of the biggest, baddest Black hair salons Houston had ever known.

Solange praised her mom on Instagram Monday saying


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