Khloe and Lamar or “Khlamar” as many may refer to them, are a DASHing young couple whose drive, determination, and love for one another are the driving force behind each other’s success. As we all embark upon the upcoming and highly anticipated television show Khloe and Lamar (which debuts April 10th on E!), we at Fearless Magazine are eagerly excited to premiere the powerful couple on the cover of the Spring issue of the magazine.

The lovely couple recently sat down with members from the Fearless team to discuss their recent and future business ventures, how married life is for the couple, and even played a fearless tailored version of the hit ‘Newlywed Game’ to test their compatibility and knowledge of one another. While many may know Lamar Odom as a Forward for the championship winning Los Angeles Lakers, that is not all that defines him. He is a very goal-oriented, driven, and compassionate person who after a month of dating Ms. Khloe, knew she in fact was “the one” for him. During their interview with Fearless Odom stated, “…whether your courtship is 30 days or three years, when it’s the one, you know.”

Khloe, who has made a name for herself outside of ‘the three musketeers’ spotlight she shares with her fellow celebrity sisters, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian, is also on the brinks of greatness through her business ventures in launching a fragrance with her ‘hubby’ Lamar, and now and upcoming show. Lamar may play his position as a ‘Forward’ on the courts, but when it comes to building their own family, he can just about bet Khloe has got his ‘Back’ in everything they set out to do. These two are definitely proving to us all that hard work and a little extra L-O-V-E go a very long way in a healthy, substantial, and even famous relationship.

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