LeBron James is a free agent so does that mean he’s moving on to greener pastures or is he just weighing his options?

Check out the details below.

Miami Heat’s biggest star and four-time league MVP Lebron James has decided to exercise his contract’s early termination option, meaning he’ll be a free agent July 1, 2014.

The strategic move would set up the 29-year-old star for a possible departure from Miami, where he has played the last four seasons, reaching four league finals and winning two championships.

He is known for making decisions based of team spirit and the potential to win. As you know or might not know he left his first team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, via free agency in 2010, teaming up with Heat star Dwyane Wade and fellow free agent Chris Bosh in Miami.

Word on the street or on Twitter is that he might be deciding to leave Miami to head to NY to team up with Carmelo Anthony. It makes for good conversation and television watching.

Do you think LeBron James is getting ready to jump ship or is he exercising boss like moves?

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