Tonight was like Game 7 in a finals game! Anticipation & suspense led all around the game between the Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers. All of this only because Lebron James was returning to Cleveland, a city that doesn’t have much (if any) love him at all. When Lebron entered the court, the Cleveland fans were in hysterics. They booed, chanted, and ranted. During the game, when Lebron took possession of the ball, they booed. Signs were plastered everywhere exemplifying their hate with words like “Whitless” and  “Traitor“. They were even t-shirts made displaying him at the “Lying King”. Despite all the steam in the room, Lebron James still had an astounding game and went on to finish with 38 points. I made a mental note to never piss off the city of Cleveland. You think Cleveland should simply get over Lebron’s decision? Catch the video of what James’ faced during the game on Kira’s Koncept!
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