Lee Daniels is firing back at Damon Dash’s breach of contract lawsuit.  In documents obtained by “The Jasmine Brand,” Daniels says Dash’s accusations are too vague because he never specified exactly how he broke contracts for Dash’s investments in films such as “The Woodsman,” “The Paperboy” and “Lee Daniels’ The Butler.”


Daniels says Dash simply claimed he was promised a return on those investments, but never provided any evidence backing up those claims.  On the other hand, Daniels has presented paperwork showing that the contracts in question included clauses detailing the possible risks of investing in the films.

Following “The Woodsman“, the 43-year-old Roc-A-Fella records co-founder explained he invested millions into Daniels other films including “Precious,” “The Paperboy” and “The Butler” and was supposed to be repaid with the profits. He was also promised executive producer credit on the films. In court documents, Dash says that he received neither and thus filed a suit for$ 25 million in damages from Daniels.

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