#LHHATL Exclusive: Mimi Faust’s Boyfriend Nikko Announce New Fitness Video

PrettyWriter1 Jun 24 13 4 Comments


The big homie Nikko announced he has a new fitness video coming to a DVD near you at the latest edition of Kandi Koated Nights.

Check it out!


Nikko is joining the ranks of some of our favorite reality stars including Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore with the introduction of a fitness video. Nikko’s fitness video will be taking the market by storm. The home girl Mimi seems really supportive of Nikko’s latest venture.


Also, Mimi confirmed that the rolodex that Nikko gave her is in fact a genuine piece. People questioned the authenticity of the piece because her watch ticked. Supposedly Rolodex time pieces don’t tick and the fact that Mimi’s ticked made people question whether it was real or fake. Well the couple or friends or whatever they are doing today want the public to know that the Rolodex is in fact a genuine piece. Nikko made a point to let Kandi Koated Nights’  know he dropped 7 stacks on the piece. In addition to dropping all that money on Mimi’s wrist he wants everybody to know that the gift came from the heart.


So will you be checking out Nikko’s new exercise DVD?

Do you think he really dropped $7,000 on a Rolodex for Mimi?

Leave your comments below.

4 Comments to “#LHHATL Exclusive: Mimi Faust’s Boyfriend Nikko Announce New Fitness Video”

  1. wowo says:

    I am happy for mi mi that she found a dude to make her happy but I hate to inform her I don’t think is the one … keep looking mi mi the dude of your dream whom is willing to treat you like a queen is out there honey , its like needle in the hay stack..

  2. JENNY JONES!!! says:

    reply to wowo: yeah a man that doesn’t need her pseudo fame to get on. smh!!!! and he should’ve taken that rolex or folex $$$ and got those teeth fixed and that growth off of his face. ewww!!!!………jenny jones!!!

  3. aroulaine says:

    This man is hideous, ewww, and mimi is such a pathetic, desperate whack job! she is absolutely unbelievable; personally i think she should Jesus first, a therapist second.

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