There had been many rumors surrounding the cast of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta, but the rumors about Scrappy and Erica getting engaged was one that we couldn’t figure out until last night on the reunion show. The relationship had been on and off for years, and even on the show we got to see Scrappy dealing with Erica as well as with Shay aka “Buckey”. This is what Scrappy had to say about why he is decicing to settle down with Erica as reorted by thejasminebrand:

“It was time for me to do something really grown. So I popped the question and the beautiful lady said yes … that’s why she has the ring on her finger. But now we’re just waiting for the next big step. I wasn’t trying to play around with it for a hundred years. I wanted to do something really big. “

They just released their first official engagement photos.

Check out the smile on Erica’s face. She looks so happy, and I’m sure their daughter will appreciate the family being back together. Scrappy also wants people to know that he is and always has been a good father aside from what people have concluded about him from what they see on the show. Best wishes to the newly engaged couple. Check out thte pics just after the proposal.

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