Lil Wayne Loses Lawsuit, Ordered To Pay $2.2 Million

eleven Nov 6 12 1 Comment

Lil Wayne’s infamous deposition video may have cost him $2 Million dollars because he has not only lost his lawsuit, but is ordered to pay up.


The case between Quincy Jones III & Lil Wayne has been quite a messy one. Jones claims that Wayne hindered the release of 2009 “The Carter” documentary, which cut into its profits. Wayne claimed that Jones illegally used his music in the film and portrayed him scandalously.


Unable to fly to California to testify due to his recent seizure scares, Wayne’s lawyer had to present Lil Wayne’s deposition to the judge. In this same deposition Lil Wayne is seen dodging questions from lawyers. The judge  called Wayne’s behavior “irresponsible” and “unreasonable” and ruled in Jones’ favor.


One Comment to “Lil Wayne Loses Lawsuit, Ordered To Pay $2.2 Million”

  1. limo hire says:

    Let this be a lesson for Lil Wayne – a learning curve. He could have saved himself some $ by goggling previous cases like his – that failed….I mean Quincey Jones III vs Lil Wayne who are the jury going to believe……a ganster or a produucer – it’s not rocket science!

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