imageDrake maybe Young Money’s most standout artist, but let’s keep it clear Drake hasn’t surpassed his boss when it comes to the rap game.

Lil Wayne visited Cari Champion’s Be Honest podcast on ESPN Radio earlier this month and the New Orleans rapper discussed topics such as the Lil Weezyana Fest, Straight Outta Compton, and today’s rap.

He began his interview by discussing the first annual hometown concert he recently put on which featured a slew of New Orleans artists including a Hot Boy$ reunion. “I brought out every era of New Orleans music that led up to me and my music. It was crazy to bring those people out and be the last man standing at the beginning and end of the show.”

When Champion asked about discovering Drake he stated that signing the Canadian rapper gave him “confidence” after he was turned away by a lot of people in the industry. He says he also encouraged Drake to keep his signature sound.“I was the one to tell him: ‘Don’t change anything,’ don’t think ‘cuz you coming over here by me you gotta start rapping about the things I rap about, don’t do none of that. Please rap about your little TV show, whatever you wanna rap about. Rap about girls…that’s what you’re good at.'”

Of course, as we know it, Drake didn’t shy away from who he is and the topics he likes to rap/sing about which has helped make him one of the biggest acts in the game right now, but when asked who’s the better rapper Wayne stated with a laugh: “Man, I annihilate that guy.”

There has to be some type of playful banter between the two and I’m sure Drake would agree.

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