Word on the street is Lil’ Wayne is cutting off one of his baby mommas. Just hours ago, he sent out a tweet stating:

The message behind this tweet is short and sweet: IF YOU GON MESS WITH WAYNE, YOU CAN’T MESS WITH NOBODY ELSE IN HIS CLIQUE. Look inside to find out all the details on what a close source called and told me on this situation.

A friend called me and told me all the dirt! They told me how his baby momma came into a certain shop and was bawling her eyes out talking about how she had lost everything. Apparently, Wayne is only going to be paying child support from here on out and everything else is going to be cut off. Sources say the baby momma slept with one of Lil’ Wayne’s close friends. I guess Wayne wasn’t feeling that too much and is cutting her off. I’d hate to be her right about now. That check is something serious!

The next question is…what’s next for this baby momma? How will she keep up the lifestyle that Wayne afforded her? Will she be appearing on a reality tv show? Write a tell-all book? Call in to radio stations? Only time will tell in this situation.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have any ideas about WHICH baby momma Wayne is talking about? What about the close friend of Wayne that she slept with? Who would do that to him? I guess we’ll just have to keep our eyes and ears open.

We hope everything works out!!!

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