Logan Browning From Meet The Browns 21st Birthday Celebration

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Logan Browning from Tyler Perry’s hit series Meet The Browns has an intimate celebration for her 21st birthday with friends and family at the Georgian Terrace hotel in Atlanta. The Bratz Movie star wore a white BCBG runway dress and was joined by Meet the Browns executive producer Roger Bobb, and designer Mychael Knight… Just to name a few. Here are some of the pic’s...

Photo Credits:  The Homie SkyyLyfe Photography

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9 Comments to “Logan Browning From Meet The Browns 21st Birthday Celebration”

  1. likeCAESAR says:

    Take notes Diamond, Kandi, and Sheree…this is how your birthday cake looks when you have class.

  2. juiicy says:

    damn she a yr older than me, she look young…

  3. ITSMEAgain says:

    She is tooooo adorable…

  4. precious says:

    LMAO @ likeCAESAR :)

  5. abcdefg says:

    What a pretty lady
    I had know idea she was even legal

  6. tammie reed says:

    @likeceasar exactly!!! geesh!

  7. pecangirl says:

    She is a cute woman Happy Birthday girly!!!!!

  8. Jarrod says:

    Logan Browning is the most beautiful and talented actress that I have ever seen!!!

  9. Brittany Caesar says:

    she’s so cuuute

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