Last night Episode 9 of Love and Hip Hop continued to deliver more drama as expected. K. Michelle does a one woman show to get people to hear what happened to her. She stood if front of a small crowd in a wedding dress and pours her heart out. The choice of clothing for her show was weird seeing that she was never married or even engaged to Memphitz, the man she claims abused her.

This one woman show leads to Rasheeda meeeting with K. Michelle one-on-one to discuss the situation at hand. Rasheeda literally says that maybe K. Michelle should just move on ,and that Memphitz may not have done what K. is accusing him of. Rasheeda just sits there looking K. Michelle like she feels sorry for her and just shakes her head.

Then we break back to the therapy threesome going on between Joseline, Stevie J., and  and his babys-mama MiMi. Mimi at this point taken back after the response Joseline comes with when she says that she is still living in the house with Stevie.


Apparently Joseline and Stevie had just had sex at Benzinos’ house just days prior.


This is putting Benzino in a bind seeing that stevie is staying with him but he also feels bad for MiMi as well. He even meets with Mimi at the car wash to tell her she should just overlook the situation at hand.

The on again off again relationship is still just that between Lil Scrappy and Erica. He still seems to be holding the same viewpoint he has already had about his actions until Erica brings up their daughter and the role-model he is setting for her future relationships. He seems to begin to rethinks his feelings towards erica and decides to go talk to MaMa Dee  about it as usual.

Mama Dee seems to be upset that Scrappy is thinking about giving the relationship with Erica another chance.  Mama Dee even goes on to call Erica a Bitch. The kicker was when she (incorrectly) spelled out “B-I-C-T-H, In that order”.

Karlie Redd and Benzinos short-lived relationship is in trouble again. Apparently Benzino thinks Karlie is selfish and only talks about her career while Benzino has some anger issues and Karlie isn’t feeling it.


They try to sit and talk about it but it only seems to make things worse. By the end of the episode the two decide to stick it out tho.


And Rasheeda decides to stick with her man. Last episode Rasheeda met with another manager to try and make some moves. She feels like her husband wasn’t getting things done like they needed to plus work and marriage was getting  to be too much. With all those issues she still decides to stick it out and let him continue to manage her career.

Here’s last nights episode.

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