How old is Karlie Redd?

That was the question of the night, and it was left a mystery by the end of the episode. This left everyone looking for answers and apparently Eric Norwood of the Carolina Panthers thinks he has some other info about Karlie that might give us a clue. This is what he had to say on twitter as reported by balleralert,

Whether he was telling the truth or not, Eric Norwood of the Carolina Panthers spilled the tea on Karlie Redd’s age. While K.Michelle and the audience of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion tried to estimate how old Karlie and her daughter may be, Norwood took to his Twitter to tell what he “knows”.


We are not sure why he is so confident about this information seeing that Karlie has obviously been doing a good job keeping this a secret.

This is the young lady that is supposed to be Karlie’s daughter? Rumors are  saying that she attends Clark Atlanta which makes her at least 18. This puts Karlie somewhere around 40 unless she had her daughter when she was 10.


Do you believe it? Let us know what you think. There are even rumors that Katt Williams is the father. We are not sure what is the truth at this point but I’m sure the facts will come out very soon.

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