Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta reality stars Mimi and Stevie J. were out a few days ago and apparently while walking to the vehicle Stevie J looks into the camera and makes a joke about Joseline. Not a smart move by Stevie J (not that he’s known for them), considering Mimi is walking directly beside him.

Immediately after the words flow from Stevie J’s mouth, Mimi turns around and gives Stevie a lands one  right  in his chest. And then proceeds to take his cigarette and smoke it. Stevie seemed to be himself but seeing Mimi act this way was rather shocking.

Mimi hitting Stevie J in public comes just days after Stevie J was beat up by Joseline on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.” Ironically enough, while Mimi got upset about a joke involving Joseline, on Monday night, Joseline became enraged when she found out Stevie J and Mimi were actually living together.


Check out the video captured by TMZ  below and stay tuned for updates on Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta

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