Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star, Mimi Faust responds back to the rumors of Stevie J‘s custody of their daughter. Check out more inside.
Here is some excerpts from an exclusive interview with The Jasmine Brand and Mimi Faust,  Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s reality star as she discusses her parenting and Stevie J.
On what’s currently going on between Stevie J and Mimi Faust, in terms of parental issues: 
Unfortunately, the man that I decided to have a child with, is a little bit immature. No matter what I do, it’s never good enough for him. If I have Eva with me, he says I’m keeping her from him. There’s no winning [with me], with him. It’s as simple as that.
On when tension between Stevie and Mimi started, over their daughter: 
This just started after I just did not want to deal with him anymore. That’s when it really got ugly. It happened when he decided to be w/ Joseline, honestly. You can’t have the both of us. If you want to be with Joseline, then by all means, go do that. You’re not gonna be with me and Joseline.  That’s not going down. When he made his decision to do that, I decided to exit stage left. Eva was with me to the beginning of her life, up until honestly, about just three months ago, when I really started to get busy, when we started shooting. She was with me. Day in and day out.
On how much time he spends with Eva: 
Not a lot. He’s always with Joseline. Anytime he’s out, he’s there…he’s never here. Not very much time at all.
On if he has custody:

If he has custody, I would like for him to put the paperwork up. Matter of fact, I will give him and anyone else, $5000 to show custody papers. I have not been to court one time, about my daughter. It’s bullshit, a complete lie. There’s no custody issue–that’s it. The man is a liar. We sat in that therapy office and he admitted he’s a compulsive liar.

On how she describes Stevie’s relationship with his other children:  
You know, I’m going to pass on that.
On if she considers Stevie and ‘dead-beat’ father: 
I would consider him in and out.

For full exclusive interviewcheck out below:

Source: TheJasmineBrand

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