This weekends marks the 9th Anniversary of the homie Ludacris and the DTP’s LudaDay Weekend. The kickoff started with the celebrity bowling event that included a star-studded round of bowlers.


Check out the details below.


Rapper Ludacris (Mr. Christopher Bridges) has gone above and beyond to give back to charitable organizations that benefit the community. Ludacris and the homies over at DTP has a lot to be proud of including their charitable efforts that have garnered millions of dollars. Ludacris has been doing his thing alongside his mother who runs the nonprofit. Ludacris invited all of his celebrtiy friends to help him celebrate LudaDay Weekend. Last night he got our BOWL on at Bowlmor for the “Celeb Bowling 4 A Cause”. The celebs came out to get their ROLL on and compete to win for charitable dollars. The following were in attendance:


NBA Superstar Dwight Howard


V103’s Ryan Cameron


Atlanta Exes Monyetta Shaw, Actress Keisha Knight Pulliam, and Mogul Angela Simmons


Neyo with his Mama Lorraine getting their bowl on


Keisha and Bigg Tigger enjoying the bowling for a cause


Monyetta and Neyo with Mama Lorraine and Big Tigger full of smiles. I love a good strong family that can keep it positive even when they are not together/together. There’s power in family. Yall out there dealing with the drama can learn alot from Neyo, Monyetta, and Mama Lorraine.


Lance Gross and Neyo being silly with the girls during the Bowling 4 A Cause Party.


Ludacris did his thing bowling but his skills was not enough to beat Lil Ronnie’s team. This team won the Bowling 4 A Cause and the proceeds went to the Josh Powell Foundation to benefit youth athletics.

If you missed the bowling party don’t feel too bad because LudaDay Weekend has something for everybody.

Check out the calendar of events.


We had a great time last night at Bowling 4 A Cause. Check it out below:

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