Hide your kids! If you need another reason besides ‘Pook n Nem’, as to why your children should never go to Chuck E. Cheese, this 21-year-old man has just given you one more.
According to news reports, Kenneth McGhee is now charged with child molestation and false information because officers say he lied about when he was born, saying he was 16, after he was caught with his penis in hand at ‘”the place where a kid can be a kid.”
A mother tells police McGhee came and sat down at the end of her table. She noticed he had his hands between his legs but tells police she thought he was texting on his cell phone. When she went to move her purse closer to her, she says she noticed that McGhee was masturbating with his penis fully exposed.
According to police reports, Chuck E. Cheese’s was packed with children and families at the time and witnesses say McGhee was looking around at the kids as he was pleasuring himself. The mother grabbed her kids and called for help and McGhee took off running.   What’s next?  Strippers performing at Disney World?  SMH……Read more on www.CourtneyLuv.com

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