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Mariah Carey is making news in music and film this week; her 13th album titled “The Art Of Letting Go“was leaked by Walmart and she’s receiving flack from her role in ‘The Butler’.

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Mariah Carey stays busy. The iconic songstress, former American Idol judge, wife to Nick Cannon, and mother of two has a new album coming out and has a controversial role in ‘The Butler’.

Walmart’s website seems to be responsible for leaking the title of Mariah Carey’s thirteenth studio album. “The Art of Letting Go” became available for pre-order on the store’s site over the weekend. The only problem is that Mariah, has not officially announced a title for her latest effort, which is led by the single “Beautiful,” featuring Miguel. The song is currently at number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100.

On Sunday, Mariah may have hinted that there could be some truth to the proposed title from Walmart. She tweeted,

that it was a “melancholic moment letting go” of something “this personal” to her, but she’s excited to give “three years of” her soul to fans.

Though its title has still yet to be confirmed, the new album is set to hit stores on July 23rd.

In other Mariah Carey news she is slated to portray the mother of Cecil Gaines the star of the movie ‘The Butler’. Lee Daniels the director of Precious picked her for the role that tells the story of a butler who worked in the White house for eight administrations. Mariah only appears in the opening shot of the film but her portrayal as a field slave has sparked tons of controversy on the various social media outlets. The idea that a woman who’s light-skinned like Mariah Carey could not possibly be a slave.


In light of the controversy we would like to remind our readers that SLAVERY whether in the fields or in the house was still SLAVERY! Please don’t allow this film to cause unnecessary division.

We can’t wait to hear Mariah’s 13th album “The Art of Letting Go” and see her small role in “The Butler“.

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