About two years ago I met a young man named Markice “Kesan” Moore at Luckies Night Club  and I got to tell yall that he is one of the most cocky people I have ever met… But I could tell he meant well and was just happy someone knew who he was..  According to Cobb County’s most wanted list, former contestant of the MTV Reality show “From G’s To Gents”  snapped. “Kesan” recently got himself in a world of trouble and is wanted by Georgia police for one of the most disgusting crimes imaginable — the brutal, bone-breaking beating of his infant daughter…..    In a exclusive interview he and his people reached out to me to tell the world he didn’t do it…

As he broke down in tears, saying over and over I didn’t do it, he wanted yall to know :

“My friends and family know that is not the type of person I am.. I love my family,- – my daughter makes me so happy and like any loving father I would never hurt my child… This is all crazy I don’t know whats going on…  I am about to turn myself  in to get everything right… please tell everyone you know I didn’t do it that’s not me”…

His phone then hung up … He and his people didnt want to go into details just yet  but I will have a sit down interview with him when he gets out… Kesan was working a new movie.

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