In white people’s news our favorite non-urban reality show “Married To Jonas” has a rumored sex tape out there. Check it out!

The Jonas are denying that the sex tape rumors involving the middle brother Joe. “Married To Jonas” season two finale aired Sunday night and they finally addressed the sex tape rumors. Kevin and wife Danielle brushed the rumors away with a laugh. They are calling the rumors “ridiculous reports” and that they know it “comes with the territory”. The finally said that there’s nothing they can do and that they should just tell Joe to stop looking at his laptop.

Well we don’t know if there’s any truth to the rumors but anytime there’s SMOKE…..there’s a fire. Time will tell if there’s a real sex tape or not.

Joe and his girlfriend have denied existence of a sex tape, and the singer has publicly poked fun at the rumor since as well. When it came up during an “MTV” interview last month, he joked with his brothers that he’d get them “the director’s cut.”

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